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From your initial concept to formal design, our team ensures that you will have full control of your construction or renovation project all along the way. From the development phase to the turnkey delivery of your project, we support you with our 15 years of expertise and deliver optimal quality while meeting your requirements and deadlines .


For your construction / renovation project, Econergy Habitat offers a 360° service in 3 areas of specialty :


Assistance to Project Ownership – Quantity Surveyor

The role of the Assistant to Project Ownership (APO) – Quantity Surveyor (QS) is to help the project owner to define, structure, budget and plan his project “on paper.” He provides economic, administrative, legal and technical advice from the onset to the delivery of the project .

During the elaboration of your project, the QS will guarantee the correct assessment of delivery times and budgets.


Project Management & Site Supervision

The Project Manager (PM) is chosen by the client for managing the project on site based on the architect’s plans. He helps to develop the execution specifications and guarantee the completeness of the services to be carried out in every detail.

On the construction site, he leads and coordinates the subcontractors and guarantees the correct execution of the project, on time and within the budget as well as in accordance with the specifications of the work to be carried out. He manages the interactions with the “external” stakeholders – geotechnical engineer, surveyor, control authorities, dealers, and more.

The PM analyses the quotes received from the request for bids to subcontractors and prepares the works contracts. On the construction site, he checks that the work situations reflect the made progress. Upon completion of the works, he organises turnkey commissioning and manages the removal of any contract security deposits until full satisfaction.


Engineering Design & Planning

The Engineering Design & Planning department (EDP) carries out the overall technical integration to your project according to your specifications for Architecture and Decoration.

Our multidisciplinary technical department is able to carry out the overall technical design of your project, from earthworks, waterproofing, envelope and technical equipment to the finishing works. The EDP will define descriptive and quantitative work batches in order to prepare requests for bids and obtain quotes from relevant subcontractors.

Backed by ongoing technology watch, we select the most reliable and innovative technologies for the overall technical design of your project, supported by our company’s speciality : energy efficiency – optimisation of flows to obtain the most efficient energy, thermal and environmental design possible.


Engineering Design & Planning

Energy Control and natural thermal comfort is our primary speciality. Whether your project complies with RT2012 regulations, or with further regulatory developments such as Passive Houses or Positive Energy Buildings, or with the framework of Performance-Based Energy Efficient Building Renovation, we will support you through a single service package: thermal calculations via specialised software, material/equipment requirements for thermal comfort, development of plans and details of thermal insulation and technical equipment, as well as management of the project certification.

We will support you in the same manner if your project is of “low carbon” type : the “organic” or “eco” materials are part of the materials that we handle every day. We offer our customers the insulation materials of tomorrow, with very thin wall thicknesses, togeher with technical advice. Our EDP department will also work out the requirements for air permeability and “in situ” air-tightness testing of the construction.

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