Client / VCH HL
Our Roles / Site supervision
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Date of completion : 2003
Duration : 24 months
Location: Principality of Monaco

Missions : Site Supervision & Quantity Surveying

Type of project : New Construction – Residential Buildings

The first 2 residential buildings are connected by a tunnel as ground-work underneath a road. Many techniques, called “special” in shop talk, have been implemented: micropiles, gunnited walls, nailed walls, needle beaming The cladding of the facades involved different techniques according to the architectural aesthetics & technical difficulties of implementation. We used cast architectonic concrete, fibre-reinforced white concrete, glass-concrete composite and polyester shell. Waterproofing has been a particularly complex batch to design and implement. It uses each and every technical solutions available on the market, such as lining / traditional sealing / liquid sealing .


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