Client / APPART N - Monaco
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Date of completion : 2016
Duration : 1.5 year
Location : Principality of Monaco
Type of project : Renovation

Missions : Assistance to Project Ownership – Quantity Surveying –  Engineering Design & Planning – Energy Design – Project Management

Apartment fully deconstructed and renovated with the most beautiful materials and technologies. We have included a few books and antiques belonging to the collection of the client – Japanese wooden panel became mashrabiya, jewelery became part of the door handles. The most beautiful natural stones have been implemented, such as grey-onyx marble for a monolithic bath tub, and embedded into switches and sockets. Moulded plaster lighting fixtures are integrated to marble walls with additional fool-the-eye painting for perfect visual integration with the support. Most advanced domotics have been streamlined for perfect ergonomics .Although the apartment is located right in the city centre, the quality of the ambient air is optimal, owing to a forced dual flow ventilation system that filters the fresh air down to the microparticle. The elevated level of energy control is reflected in the A-class energy efficiency upgrade that had been required by the client.


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